Summer Study with the Pastor, “Who Do You Say I Am?”

A 9-week study looking at the “I Am” statements made by Jesus in the Gospel of John.

It will begin Sunday, June 7th and end the week of Sunday, August 2nd.

Your Bible is all that is needed to participate.

If you are interested, contact Pastor Cathy, at

Journey through the Acts of the Apostles!

Sunday mornings 9:30am.

Have you ever wondered why Luke, a Greek physician and a Gentile, (who was the only Gentile author in the New Testament), deemed it important to write the story of the early church? No matter the reason, it’s a compelling and exciting story. He opens it with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, describes the beginning of the church in Jerusalem, and then it’s rapid spread all the way to Rome, the epicenter of the ancient world. Luke provides a tremendous amount of detail in the telling of the story. He paints colorful, dramatic scenes while using a straightforward, factual approach. Strong and passionate personalities stand out in the center of all the action. This is a fascinating book told by a masterful story-teller!

Bring your bible each Sunday as Pastor Cathy leads us through the Book of Acts. This study will take us into the new year.